Proudly provide high quality, healthy, decadent cocktail cakes which elegantly complement any formal and cocktail celebration.


Induce warm, pleasurable feelings to celebrations through the special blend of ethnic cocktail cakes in a format that is tastefully elegant.

Margot chats about her cake during CBC Radio interviews with Matt Galloway - Dec 2012 & 2014



Margot Sobers

Margot Sobers was born in Barbados and immigrated to Canada in the 1980s.  Margot has been in the kitchen at a very early age helping to prepare meals with her parents and grandmother.  She loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen, adding her own "Margot's flare" to any meal she prepares.  Margot cooks warm and nutritious meals on a weekly basis. She has had a great passion for baking since 1986. Margot has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh.  While living in Toronto with her daughter, Margot enjoys taking long walks, gardening, and tinkering with reef aquariums.

Sober Cocktail Cakes are welll known as "Great Cakes" on the Island of Barbados...thus the elegant ambiance of the cakeThe cake is also referred to informally as rum cake, fruit cake, or black cake.